About me

I'm a photographer based out of Horsham, West Sussex. I've been practicing photography now for over 9 years ranging from landscapes to portraiture and to covering events such as Medieval Fairs. My experience in particular is in landscape,cityscape and architecture photography. I've had work publish on BBC Sky At Night programme, used by a hotel in Salford Quays and a local counselling company. 

My photography has taken me to various parts of the UK, namely places such as Snowdonia, Lake District, Lancashire, London and so much more. As such there's no place I won't go and explore to get the shot I'm looking for. Whether it be for myself or for a client and I'm always willing to travel something different because, for me, it's always important to try new things and learn from them.

My equipment various to suit whatever scene I'm shooting to suit my clients needs and ranges from wide-angle lenses, to telephotos to vintage lenses that have their own "quirks" to produce unique looking images. 

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